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tv   wusa 9 News at 5am  CBS  September 13, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> once that takes place, the wind will pick up and start to clear things out, and a nicer day for us. a breezy everyday. all right. >> love the fall weather. it's here.
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>> well, first of all. man sitting at a stoplight or red light, getting rear-ended. and they steal your car. it is a crime, that police call bump and run carjacking. at least 3, latest one happening yesterday morning. the suspects have not shown any weapons, but the criminals could get each more bold. >> be careful. if you don't think about it. >> somebody hits you and you're like, oh my goodness. >> a victory for walmart, walmart is welcoming the decision but the chairman of the city council says, that the
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fight to pay people is not over just yet. >> now, live, with more on the mary's deal. >> good morning. playing any chance the city council couldover ride the mayor's veto. right behind me is one of the stores that walmart has under construction, and with that living wage bill out of the way, it is moving forward, with all six of its dc stores. calls the bill a job killer. not only affecting walmart and others that could cut back on expansion. it would force them to pay $12.50 an hour.
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some folks, the mayor was complaining, that he didn't have the bill earlier, but the result, ended in a lot of debate. and the numbers are well-versed and we'll see. >> people have compared this, $9 an hour. but how could it be $9.50 an hour. he met with people on both sides of the issue for weeks before making his decision. he calls to increase the minimum wage for all, not just large retailers. and, in order to override. they would need 9 votes. the original bill passed, 8-5 in favor. so, they have to find some way to change their minds. there's a lot of pressure on those who oppose the bill to do that. and as of right now, doesn't look like anyone will be ♪
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>> urge people it drink more plain water. organizers say too many don't drink enough. and one fourth of kids under 19, is scary. >> there are some free cancer screenings.
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the george washington hospital, and you have to have a appointment and, that has to be scheduled in advance. they start at 9:00 a.m. first come first served by calling the number on the screen. anyone needing to schedule mammograms, could call the number at the bottom. >> the welcome changes are coming for metro riders, easier way for you to pay your fair. they will be on the tracks next year and by 2018 half of the rails could be brand new. a pilot program that should be in place next year will let riders use their smart-phones as credit cards. that will be quick and easy. you can do it. >> it's nice. and now that we have parking on your phone.
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>> the entire weekend. first we want to talk about this, an interesting attempt is underway, one man is trying to cross the atlantic ocean in a basket. airborne by healey you mean filled balloons. he lifted off from meander. and he hopes to become the first person to complete this journey. his trip should last 3-6 days. >> wow! just in case, the basket doubles
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a a life boat. >> true. now, they have like, those gases, and fire that builds up into that balloon. and those balloons. >> all i'm saying, is happened. weather and i guess we're here, rolling pretty good. talk about all the cool and dry
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air moving in. 73 in washington. that's a big improvement, we were in the upper 70's. and a lot of 60's, on the map. and then they are going to get more and more comfortable. and with all the rain yesterday, things will get better as the day wears on. >> 70 dallas, and 63 out in cumberland. and, winds are just starting to pick up. and we will see gusts up to 25678 so breezy conditions expected, a little later this afternoon. here's your radar coming through in phases and the first part of the front came through, strong thunderstorms yesterday. well to the east. if you have off to the west. we're seeing showers, and secondary, and when this front gets through right into central
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pennsylvania. our breezes are going to get picked up and clear out. look how quiet it is. that area will really fill in. so in for a couple cool days. we'll be in the upper 70's, and later tonight, we'll fall back in the 40's and 50's. and 78 in washington and partly to sunny skies. and 15, gusting to 25, it will be a breezy day. 52 quite a few clouds and there's the 7-day forecast. and, as you can see, we are talking about temperatures, that are going to be in the low 70's tomorrow morning. only 72 degrees, and 78 on sunday. looking for this? i got you donuts. [laughter] >> i want a donut, too. >> yeah. all right. >> we've got traffic.
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>> "breaking news," there's donuts. >> isn't this nice. [laughter] on the road you'll find that your lanes are open, and start to the beltway and, leaving college park and no problems to report right now. southbound along 95, we had activity. and it has been cleared. we do have some problems, other at the prince george's county. lanes are open northbound, and leaving the bold. i think we're good. >> thank you. >> all right, well, this morning, we want to say goodbye and good luck.
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>> brown, you know he has been at w.t.t.g. for 14 years. signed off last night, brian is leaving t.v. news to concentrate on his restaurant business. it is very successful. >> yeah, exactly. well, you may know he opened a line bar, and now plans to open a second establishment. and he took a few moments to address the viewers. >> i want to thank all the viewers. i've been just overwhelmed by support, and the comments that you have reached out to me. you appreciate shaded what i did and that's been really real touching. and thank you for letting me be a part of your life. >> we wish brian good luck. >> yup. >> all right, when we come back, miley, and the creator find a way to take the spotlight off
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the performer
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♪  ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] it's time healthy gets a dose of happy. new yoplait greek. ng, sour. hello, happy. it's time to lick the lid again. ♪ >> billy joel and carlos santana, they are two musicians, and opera star, as the newest
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candidates that are honored. it will take place december 8th. >> congratulations to them. >> it's one of every parent's worse nightmares and someone kidnapped a child and, then, prerveners. and, about the parallels between his role i should say and, the obsessed pursuer he played about the seed deact killer. >> -- zodiac. and, unsolvable mystery. the mean, and the code, and thinking, could be dropped. on the desk. and he could like, see the unraveling of what you do. how do you think he would piece things together. >> what's interesting about him, and, it was not his job at all.
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and, he was sorting breaking the rules, and, due to his fascination, and it was this psychological sort of haluska nation. and, for him, he think he's hiding from so much himself. and i think, not all he is. and, you know, to me, i think probably robert is going to be fasten nateing. definitely. >> we don't know everything about this next story. and we really, a lot of what we see on screen. so i want to ask you a two-part question. i'm assuming, you were right. could you sit here and tell me, why you got that tattoo. why he blings the way he did. >> there's one line where he talks about being a voice, and
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questioning or talking, has very interesting physical ticks. and, physical texs and things that happen after. and highly intelligent carter who was never told that he was. and, his job. and he's thinking, and solving, and as has like 4 layers going on. >> all right. kevin jones us, with his reviews of this week's releases. >> miley cyrus might not be able to stop. but you can stop all the buzz
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surrounding her. check this out, a new app called, any cyrus blocks any mention of the singer. it was developed by a group, the creators says it replaces any words related to miley. >> or you can just ignore it. >> yeah. >> everybody is trying to come up for an app for anything. >> all right. well, straight ahead, we'll tell you which cruise line is garage well, straight ahead, we'll tell
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all right, good morning to you, it's straight up 6:00, happy friday, we start with a live look outside on this friday the 13th. it's all good. we got dj spicy this morning. >> he is going to be here all morning long. isn't that great to have your personalized license plate like that. you need to roll like that, fox 5 weather. n kin king tuck. >> we got a friendly competition comingup


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